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  • Darron, radical cystectomy, and choosing life over fear

    With Florence Maponga

    Meet Darron, who narrates his story from diagnosis to treatment and his advice to other bladder cancer patients.

    My name is Darron; I am 53 years old and have been a chef all my life. I have always enjoyed country pursuits – fishing, dog training and general outdoor life- a relief from the pressures of a commercial kitchen. Back in 2015, I noticed some blood in my urine but put it down to kidney stones as I passed what I thought was a stone about a week later. I thought nothing more of it until I again saw blood in November 2021, at which point I went to my GP, and there, my journey started.


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  • Kevin: Navigating Bladder Cancer with Resilience and Hope

    With Florence Maponga

    Meet Kevin, a 58-year-old who navigated the challenges of a Bladder Cancer diagnosis in 2020.

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  • Changing trends in how men seek support and advice online

    Increasing numbers of men have been seeking support through an online forum. Has the switch to online helped men open up about health? By Support Services Manager, Melanie Costin.

    We supported the Men’s Health campaign that launched on 13th December within The Guardian and online.

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  • Dawn - 52 year old diagnosed with Grade 2 non-muscle Invasive bladder cancer

    With Florence Maponga

    In this post, we feature Dawn, a 54-year-old mother of two who navigated a bladder cancer diagnosis in 2020.

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  • Cancer Signs on Urinal Mats in Pubs and Football Grounds, as Part of Major New NHS Cancer Catching Drive

    Urinal mats in public places in England will begin to carry blood in pee cancer warnings for men, as part of a major new NHS earlier diagnosis drive.

    The NHS and P-Wave, a leading urinal products brand, are working together to put the message “Blood in your pee? Contact your GP practice” on urinal mats in thousands of men’s toilets across the country.

    Pubs, restaurants, shops, hotels and sports stadiums will be among the public places using the lifesaving mats with men’s workplaces also targeted.

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  • Navigating Health Policy: My Experience at the Conservative Party Conference 2023

    by Andie Miles, Bladder Cancer Patient Advocate

    The importance of engaging with health policy as a bladder cancer patient 

    On a sunny Saturday morning in November 2011, a letter was delivered that turned my world upside down. My Biopsy results concluded that recent symptoms I had been experiencing of blood in my urine was in fact bladder cancer. I was diagnosed with stage 3, T2 growth, and I needed immediate treatment. After a whirlwind few month consisting of chemotherapy, followed by a radical cystectomy (completed with a Neo Bladder), I eventually became a Bladder Cancer Survivor. 

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  • AURORA Study: Immunotherapy's Role in Treating Urinary Tract Squamous Cell Carcinoma

    By the Aurora Trial Management Team, Southampton Clinical Trials Unit

    Urinary tract squamous cell carcinoma (UTSCC) is a rare form of cancer, comprising approximately 5% of bladder and urinary tract cancers. As a result, research into the disease has been limited and patients are often excluded from participating in bladder cancer clinical trials. Survival rates for these patients are generally not as good as the more common types of urinary tract cancer and there are currently no treatments that are proven to extend survival. 

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  • Ed - From Diagnosis to Determination

    With Florence Maponga

    I want to share Ed's story with you in this blog post—his journey from an unexpected diagnosis in his early twenties to the wisdom he carries today.

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  • Global Lessons from the Africa Cancer Congress

    By Lydia Makaroff

    I had the privilege of attending the Africa Cancer Congress in my role as President of the World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition. These are some of the lessons that I came away with:

    * Collaborate across borders
    * Invest in pathologists 
    * Protect people from being exposed to cancer-causing agents 
    * Encourage people to quit smoking 
    * Engage community to raise awareness 
    * Prioritise mental health 
    * Financial support changes lives
    * Patient education is power
    * Invest in the workforce 
    * Invest in radiotherapy 
    * Invest in tele-consultations 
    * Invest in e-learning 
    * Improve clinical trial design 

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  • Hannah's story

    My dad's experience with bladder cancer and my advice for others in a similar position.

    When Hannah’s dad was diagnosed with muscle invasive bladder cancer earlier this year, her world turned upside down. Luckily, Hannah’s job as a Medical Secretary within a Urology Department meant she was #BladderCancerAware and able to quickly get her dad the support he needed. Since his treatments, and with the help of her family and colleagues, Hannah has been a vocal advocate for increased bladder cancer awareness in her local area, whilst also raising a huge £4,000 for Fight Bladder Cancer.

    We spoke to Hannah about why this cause is so important to her.

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